Global Cruise

TAKI Hikaru Ⅲ

I invite you on a voyage around the world

This is Captain Taki Hikaru.

Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you on a voyage around the world by means of drawings and paintings of mine.

We go through Japan and from the East China Sea our ship will set course for the West.

Passing the Suez Canal, we will go around Europe and we will cross the Atlantic Ocean.

After that we will go around the North American continent and passing the Panama Canal,

we will cross the Pacific Ocean and will come back to Japan.

We will travel around 54 places, based on my experiences and knowledge all over the world;

so I am very happy that if any of them were shared by people living with each other in this era.

And next time I hope that you will invite us to pilot in order to see the new world to come.


TAKI Hikaru

1952JAPAN Kanagawa Prefecture Sagamihara City Birthplace Presently reside
1977Tokyo University the School of Law Graduate
2009Honda Motor Co. Ltd. retired
2016Sagami 50 scenery TAKI Hikaru Ⅰ (Sagamihara Citizen`s Gallery)
2017Sagamihara Iroha Karuta  Original picture made (Sagamihara City Museum)
2019Nov.Global Cruise TAKI Hikaru Ⅱ (Sagamihara Citizen`s Gallery)
2020Apr.Tama Art University Master’s Degree Study at Present
2020Jul.Global Cruise TAKI Hikaru Ⅲ (Internet Solo Exhibition)

for  TAKI Hikaru  Ⅲ

Looking back at my life until now, as one of the citizens throwing themselves into the global world, I am glad to have challenged a voyage around world as ‘Captain’ by means of drawing and painting.

All over the world under the new Corona Virus disaster, this April my friend of high school, died due to of new Corona to my regret unbelievable who was used to go abroad for business. Missing all good days, I pray for him to be happy in Heaven, exchanging with each other people from the earth.

This internet solo exhibition is composed not only drawing and painting, but explanatory sentences as one whole work. And from July 7th this year to January 6th next year, I will respond you, if any questions or opinions are sent.

Finally, it is referred that this plan is authorized by Tama Art University Master’s Degree fund for research, published by students.


Africa is the origin point of Human Beings and we have ancient Egyptian culture. For animals it is the Garden of Eden, from the Christian Bible.


I greatly appreciate your joining me here for long time. This is the end!

In Gratitude

This solo internet exhibition has needed much cooperation of many people and I especially here express thanks to the following persons:

My friend YAMASHITA Manabu, since my junior high school age, dear friend who learns not only art but many areas; always proper advice and he with his friend Mr. SASAKI Koichi assisted me in broad area of all my solo exhibitions.

My friend ALAN M. GADDIE, has taught me English over 10 years made efforts to examine all English of this exhibition carefully, and always encouraged me on my decisions and activities.

My familiar colleague of Suiboku Art, Mr. HAGIWARA Hideharu knows well about cameras and computers, who took many photographs for this exhibition.

My son Keiichi, who is an expert on IT made this internet system rapidly and smoothly.

And finally, Back Ground Music, under favor of Andiemusik; members as follows:

Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana

Andiemusik Chamber Orchestra directed
 by Kazuo Watanabe